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Jade Enterprises Inc. was created to develop, manufacture and distribute products for the aerospace transportation and other industries.  The first product, designed to solve a particular problem in the riveting process (marring of aluminum from the steel anvil or 'snap') was first thought of in 1997.  By the fall of that year, a patent process was begun and a prototype was developed. 


Judy Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer:
"It all began with a single brilliant idea;  problem solving really.  Doug,  just as many other aircraft maintenance engineers, observed and complained about what was seen to be a chronic problem with the riveting process.  Often rivets and metal sheeting that engineers are working with become damaged or marred in the riveting process, leading to costly repairs or replacements.  There have been many improvisations, such as masking tape, over the years to attempt to remedy this, but with limited success."
"To proceed, we needed both a 'brilliant idea' and excellent business management capacities; our partnership provided both of these."
Doug Shore, Past-President of JADE: 
"One day I was working on a very expensive private aircraft, I found myself having to change the masking tape about every dozen or so rivets.  Grumbling to myself I said, 'There's got to be a better way to do this'.  Suddenly the idea hit me: why not develop some kind of disposable cap that would fit over the anvil.  That was in about June, 1997.  I discussed the idea with Judy who thought it was great and that we should proceed forward with development"


With long standing customers such as Wesco, Bruckner, Ratheon Aircraft, Sikorsky, and U.S. Air Tool Co., our little Snap Soc is fast becoming an industry standard.

Use of this little plastic rivet protection cap, the 'Snap Soc', has grown exponentially across the aerospace industry.  Marketing for other industries, such as buses, aluminum boats, and even hospital equipment is under development. 


Snap Socs are currently being sold across Canada, the United States and Europe.  You can find our distributors here:  U.S. and European Distributors

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