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Rivets installed without protection of Snap Soc.

Note scuffing and marring - "smileys"

Rivets installed with Snap Soc. 

Anodized coating on rivet and cladding

on skin surface appear untouched

Unique features of the Snap Soc:

Protects rivets and sheet metal from scuffing/marring (smileys),

reducing incidence of stress fractures, re-work and visible blemishes


Prevents safety concern of early corrosion by:

   - protecting aluminum cladding on sheet metal

   - protecting anodized coating on rivets


Saves costs associated with re-work of damaged materials,


   - direct rework of assembly technician labor

   - inspectors to re-inspect work piece

   - overhead allocations to direct labor

   - quality asurance documentation

   - skin or support structure replacement


Improves efficiency/effectiveness

over alternative protection methods (taping of anvil)


Promotes precision in riveting action

(works to center and stabilize anvil on rivet):

   - provides method of self-testing to determine if riveting action is perpendicular


Works most effectively with perpendicular riveting

- range is 200 rivets installled

- many experienced/skilled technicians routinely exceed this range


Angular riveting:  life of Snap soc can be extended by rotating it slightly

to provide a fresh surface for contact with the materials.


Increases technician comfort level and confidence with riveting

(reduce worry of damaging materials)


Reduces long-term noise stress on tecnician and others in the work area

(buffer between metal surfaces reduces noise)



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Nominated for: 

the 'Manning Innovation Award' 2006


(Patent # 6,298,543)

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Snap Soc® 

Snap Soc®  

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